The Joy Of A Sideboard

In the good old days when each room in the house had a single purpose the good china or cut crystal were always stored in the good dining room in the credenza, more commonly known as the sideboard. This important item of furniture was opened for special occasions only and spent the rest of its time looking elegant and polished.

Over the 1970’s and 80’s we were a nation of collectors. Whether it was books, fancy glass wear, model cars or dolls houses we collected it. Storage was in the spare room or the garage or the shed. Storage furniture such as the sideboard was still for the good stuff only. But that was in a time when space was not at a premium.

During the 1990’s and 2,000’s with the growth in high tech it was more about storing computers, printers, the dvd players, hi-fi and piles upon piles of cables. Homes were getting smaller, gardens were now courtyards and garages were disappearing. It was at this point that the home was now at capacity.

There was so much to store, and it needed to be accessible, usable and look good. Among all the changes in lifestyle the trusty sideboard just could not answer these requirements, so it too was lost leaving a gaping hole in our storage options. The modular storage system on the other hand was the answer. It allowed you to tailor the storage solution to meet your individual needs. It was flexible and it could hide the cables.

Now the modular storage solution is still a superb all-rounder but with the diminishing size of high tech, the rise of the wireless generation and the preference for open plan living the sideboard is now a contender.

For many living is now open plan and those who are still working within actual rooms find that they are no longer good rooms but instead they are multifunctional spaces used for every conceivable purpose. Storage is biggest issue with every home so it was inevitable that the sideboard would eventually make a return to the fore and be fashionable once more.

The Italians have ensured that the latest design innovations, on trend colours and materials have been employed to completely refresh this important storage master bringing it back in vogue. The sideboard is now a piece of art, an antique of the future, a showstopper bringing that wow factor to your home. Coming in all manner of shapes and sizes to suit every space sideboards are also in on trend colours such as yellow’s, reds, and blue’s teamed with gorgeous natural woods and light metal legs or frames. There is a strong emphasis on patterned

doors making the cabinet the art piece in the room. The interior storage can be anything from a simple press with shelf to compartments with specific purposes. There are no gimmicks just practical storage solutions.

With such a vast choice in designs, sizes and finishes there is now a perfect storage solution for every home. Even so it’s vitally important that you do assess your storage requirements before you go shopping. We always advise clients to firstly do a de-clutter and then make a detailed list of what needs to be accommodated. Measure the space, note the electrical points and take a photo. The more information you can bring with you the better the advice you will get in store and the less likely you are to make a mistake. At LOMI Design we look at all the options without our clients. A sideboard could be the perfect solution but if you need your storage to do a lot then we can custom design a solution just for you.

For more information on sideboards and storage solutions to suit your home talk to LOMI Design on 01 8397001.