Bookcase Beauties

With the growth in technology you could be fooled into believing that books are no longer trendy but how wrong could you be. Statistics are showing that physical paper book sales are on the rise. As a lover of the feel of holding a book as opposed to a tech device this for me is great news. I’m sure I’m not alone here.

The book is more than just a good read as your choice of book is also a reflection of your personality and holds an important position in the creation of your home and your interior. Therefore, it’s important to consider how you are going to display this important element in your life. Whether you have a gigantic library or just a few special editions there are plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect bookcase for you. I’ve selected just a few of my favourite options to show you just what is possible:

Buk  – This simple and elegant book shelf unit is perfect for those with a small collection that needs to be displayed with maximum impact. Use just one or arrange several along a wall to create your library. Available in a large range of finishes this solution is full of personality.

Manhattan – With so much open plan living this great bookcase can also work as a room divider. Finished all round it creates the best wall of books you have ever seen. Available in 2 sizes and numerous finishes this will add style to any interior helping to define the spaces and adding much needed storage.

Aleph – This bookcase oozes elegance and restraint. The books are not always seen. Stored at an angle and partially hidden. It’s as if they are shy and hoping that you might just find them while the furniture itself is enjoying your appreciation in taking part in the game. Available in 3 sizes and a lovely collection of finishes it a real must for that special space.

Cabinet De Curiosity  – Now this bookcase is not for anyone looking for a simple solution. This is an absolute show stopper. Idea for those with large book collections and an equally large interior space to match. Currently available in a choice of 6 modules that can be combined to create your dream display.

Logiko  – If you cannot see any of the bookcase options mentioned so far working for your space, then maybe you should be considering Logiko. It’s a modular system that allows us to design the perfect solution to fit your space and book storage needs. The design possibilities are endless with anything from a single cube style storage unit to a full-scale library possible. To get the right design solution you will need to come and discuss your storage project with us.

All of these bookcases can be seen on our website. To get further details on any of our bookcase or to discuss your book storage project contact the LOMI Design showroom at 01 8397001 to make an appointment.