Top Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating any space can be a daunting task but small apartments and houses can be particularly difficult. Mistakes can be costly and time consuming to correct. A good plan is essential if you want to get it right first time round. So here are my top tips to help you achieve the perfect interior scheme.

• Flooring – Don’t put a different style and colour flooring into each room. It will divide up the space and make your home feel smaller. Do choose a good neutral carpet, wood or tile flooring to run throughout all the rooms. Using tile in the kitchen and bathroom with complementary wood or carpet flooring in the other spaces.

• Sofas – Sofas are one of the biggest furniture items you’ll need to accommodate. When choosing sofas look for simple styles with neat arms and preferably up on legs. Consider the depth of the sofa and go for the smallest you are comfortable with because it will make the room feel more spacious. If delivery access is a problem then look for modular style sofa systems that can be assembled in your space.

• Windows – Don’t be tempted to hang long, heavy looking or bulky curtains. They’ll swallow up small rooms. Do go for neat and tidy blinds. Roman style fabric blinds are a great alternative to curtains and are just as decorative.

• Kitchens – Avoid the u-shaped kitchen as it is a waste of space with all those pokey corners. Consider the L-shape or the galley style as these are much more practical and will give you better storage. Invest in the best kitchen that you can afford and don’t buy cheap appliances. It is a false economy. Just remember that a good kitchen stands the test of time.

• Walls – Don’t use dark or strongly coloured paints or heavily patterned wallpapers. They will make the space feel tiny. Do go for light neutral tones that don’t date easily and make the rooms feel light and airy.

• Mirrors – No small home can be without mirrors. They open up spaces making them feel larger and brighter. Use multiply mirrors for best effect and make the mirrors your art on the wall. This works best in entrance halls and living rooms.

• Lighting – Don’t use big chandelier style lights and avoid using to many table and floor lamps as these will clutter your space. Do use one good floor lamp and maybe one table lamp for ambience in a room but keep the general lighting neat and tidy by using recessed down lights and wall washer style wall lights.

• Key Pieces – Every good interior scheme has key pieces. In small homes each room should have one key piece. It could be a funky armchair in the living room, quirky bedside units in the bedroom or feature mirror in the hall. Choose items which stand out from the crowd and your guaranteed that your interior won’t be bland.

• Storage – Storage is always the biggest problem in small homes. In the living room avoid floor standing side boards, bookcases and large t.v units. Instead go for floating style wall shelves neat wall hung presses, wall hung bookcases and hang the t.v on the wall. Being able to see the floor will increase the illusion of space in the room. In bedrooms keep the wardrobes really simple in style and avoid dark wood or colour finishes. Make best use of the wardrobe interior by including drawers, shoe racks etc. so everything has its place. Spend time planning your storage needs before you go shopping its well worth it.

• Colour – Don’t be afraid to use colour. It is the key element in every good interior. Do however; restrain yourself a little. Introduce accessories in your favourite colours. Cushions, throws, pictures, decorative objects such as vases and of course books.

So now that you are armed with all these trade tips go forth and decorate!


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September 20, 2012

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