Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

At LOMI we are proud of Irelands Green image, and like you, concerned about our environment, global warming and reducing waste.

An Irish company, we support Irish & European jobs by buying within the European Union. We source from companies who have a very strong environmental ethos and who use locally produced, sustainable raw materials. The Spanish and Italian companies we work with are all actively engaged in meeting & exceeding the lowest possible targets for factory emissions, zero or minimal formaldehyde & VOC content in their products & intense focus on environmental management.

By buying in Europe LOMI contributes to reducing the amount of transport and therefore fuel required to get the final product to your home while creating jobs for and supporting many families living in the local & wider European community.

We want to ensure that we are as kind to the environment as possible here in Ireland. All orders we deliver are carefully packaged to protect them. Once our delivery is completed all packaging is removed by LOMI for recycling with local recycling companies. We also do simple things every day here at the LOMI showroom, using long-life & low energy bulbs in the showroom, reducing unnecessary use of electrical products, recycling our ink cartridges and using significantly less paper by relying on email & cloud computing to deliver design proposals, brochures & catalogues to our customers.

LOMI recycle all cardboards, paper, plastic packaging, timber, glass, electrical appliances etc. in accordance with current EU regulations. We are always looking at ways in which LOMI can minimise our environmental impact & reduce, reuse & recycle.