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Mangas Collection - Price from €1,945


The Mangas collection is from Spanish brand Gan Rugs. A multi award winning collection of rugs; translated from the Spanish, Mangas means "sleeve," and the oversized strips of 100% virgin wool—knotted and woven into a series of patterns in a variety of colors mimic the look (and feel) of the most comfy jumpers. The Mangas collection is based on a patchwork of different wool knits, to create a collection of various colours & sizes with different shapes, going from Manga 'Farol' (bellowed sleeve) to Manga de 'campana' (bell-shaped sleeve).


The Mangas Collection is 100% new wool with a cotton backing. They are hand loomed and have a pile 40mm high. The collection comes in 8 sizes & 3 colour ways.

Colours - Blues, Yellows, Greens, Greys, Beige
Rectangular MR1 - 145cm x 300cm
Rectangular MR1 - 170cm x 240cm
Globo MG1 - 225cm x 245cm
Campana MC1 - 195cm x 325cm
Farol MF1 - 230cm x 230cm
Largas ML1 - 400cm x 100cm
Colours - Reds, Yellows, Greens, Greys, Beige
Rectangular MR2 - 145cm x 300cm
Rectangular MR2 - 170cm x 240cm
Globo MG2 - 225cm x 245cm
Campana MC2 - 195cm x 325cm
Farol MF2 - 230cm x 230cm
Largas ML2 - 400cm x 100cm
Colours - NATURALES; Greys, Beige
Rectangular MR3 - 145cm x 300cm
Rectangular MR3 - 170cm x 240cm
Globo MG3 - 225cm x 245cm
Campana MC3 - 195cm x 325cm
Farol MF3 - 230cm x 230cm
Largas ML3 - 400cm x 100cm
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