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Cesar N-Elle Kitchen


Cesar N-Elle Kitchen - Prices listed here are starting prices for the kitchens excluding appliances but including an entry level worktop.

The N-Elle kitchen design pictured above is in pale grey gloss lacquer with a feature island in marble. Doors, fronts, sides, and top are all in the one finish. The Island is finished all round with a 45-degree cut to the sides panels and tops of the door and drawer fronts which join beautifully on the four corners. Push pull device for opening is used for all the drawers and doors.

Every kitchen is unique and so are your needs. At LOMI we use all our skills to adapt to each project and achieve successful kitchens designed for each client. Because of the huge range of possibilities, we recommend that you contact us to make an appointment to discuss your individual project.

To make your appointment for a consultation with one of our designers please email us at info@lomi.ie or phone us at 01 8397001.


The doors in the N-Elle range are 2.2cm thick with a 45-degree edge. They are available in a huge range of finishes. 

Worktops are available in a huge range of finishes including laminates, Fenix laminates, Woods, Corian, Hanex, glasses, ceramics, stainless steel, natural stones and composite stones.

Finally, do remember that the Cesar kitchen adapts to your life and LOMI help you achieve that through good advice, practical design solutions and excellent installation service. Please contact us for further information at info@lomi.ie or phone 01 8397001.


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