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Cabinet de Curiosite - Price from €3,912


The dramatic and unusual Cabinet de Curiosite is a range of modular tall shelving units from Italian brand Bonaldo. There is a choice of 6 style of module. You can display them alone or group them together to make a large and impressive bookcase or display area. 


There are 6 styles of module. Each module is 120cm wide x 34cm deep x 206cm high. 
All modules are made from wood finished with matt white lacquer exterior and matt anthracite grey lacquer interiors.
Additional interior shelves are also available if you uneed them.
Prices shown here are for 1 module, 2 module and 3 module arrangements. 
For further details on the exact layout of the 6 available modules please contact us to discuss. 


When ordering any item please be assured that we will confirm your order by email with detailed information including sizes, finishes, delivery time and drawings if required. If you have any questions please talk to us at 01 8397001.
To place an order for this product please contact us at 01 8397001 or by email to info@lomi.ie


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