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Art Table - Price from €2,729


The Art Table is by Italian brand Bonaldo. It has a stiking steel frame base which is available in a number of standard painted finishes as well as specialist finishes at additional cost. The table comes in fixed and extendable options in a good range of sizes. The tops are available in a large range of materials including matt lacquer, verneered woods, solid woods, transparent glass and a choice of ceramics. The variety of sizes and options are extensive.


 Choose from a range of sizes as follows:
Fixed Top tables
160cm long x 90cm wide x 75cm high
180cm long x 90cm wide x 75cm high
200cm long x 100cm wide x 75cm high
240cm long x 120cm wide x 75cm high
250cm long x 100cm wide x 75cm high
250cm long x 110cm wide x 76cm high
300cm long x 108cm wide x 75cm high
300cm long x 120cm wide x 76cm high
Extending tables
160cm extending to 240cm long x 90cm wide x 75cm high
180cm extending to 260cm long x 90cm wide x 75cm high
200cm extending to 300cm long x 100cm wide x 75cm high
Finishes - Base
Base frame is in steel finished in the following ways:
Painted metal in a matt finish in the colours anthracite grey, white, bordeaux red, dove grey or brown
At additional cost you can request the following options:
Base in burnished metal or copper bronze finish.
Addition of an insert into 2 of the metal legs. The insert can be the a different colour matt paint finish or it can match the wood or ceramic table top selected.
Finishes - Tops
There is an extensive range of tops to choose from:
Lacquered - Matt lacquer white only
Veneered Wood - walnut, heat treated polished oak, natural polished oak, anthracite grey polished oak
Solid Wood - American Walnut, natural polished oak, anthracite grey polished oak
Wood with natural edges - American walnut
Glass - Transparent  
Glossy Ceramic - Calacatta, Gold Onice
Matt Ceramic - Ardesia grey
Please note that for technical reasons all sizes are not available with all top finishes.
As this table range is extensive the prices shown here are for fixed top tables only in the most popular sizes. The prices are the starting price for each category shown. For example there are 3 solid wood tops to choose from and each has a different price so we have listed the best value option.
When ordering any item please be assured that we will confirm your order by email with detailed information including sizes, finishes, delivery times and drawings if required. If you have any questions at all please talk to us at 01 8397001.
To place an order for this product please contact us at 01 8397001 or by email to info@lomi.ie

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