Why do good chairs cost so much?

As a designer & retailer, one of the questions I am frequently asked is “Why do good chairs cost so much?”. Firstly, good chairs are complex. Not in the sense that they have to be made from many parts, but functionally. They must be comfortable to most users, they must offer support, they must be suitable for the task they will perform. Plus whether for dining, working, lounging, reading, writing or relaxing the chair must also appeal to our aesthetic sense of what is good & makes us happy.

The cost of a chair is a factor of its method of production, the materials used, the cost of appropriate packaging & delivery. Costs will vary enormously from one chair to the next. Maybe when buying chairs we should consider their value to us, the need they will fulfill. Afterall, cost is just something one pays now, but value is only appreciated over time.

Twist Chair by Porada of Italy

Twist by Porada

This is the case when we consider the Iconic chair designs; bentwood chairs by Thonet, ‘Barcelona’ chairs, the ‘Eames’ chairs; the so-called ‘design classics’. They represent moments in the great history of design for industrial production. The design classics can be a means to discover & trace the technological & aesthetic developments in design since the 1800’s. Indeed, the design of chairs is viewed as the ultimate expression of a designers & craftsman’s skills.

I think the following video, detailing the craftsmanship & dedication to quality that it takes to manufacture the new ‘Twist’ Chair by Porada, will both fascinate & inform. True quality takes time & effort. I hope you enjoy this insight into the passion & attention to detail required to produce ‘quality, made in Italy’?


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June 6, 2014

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