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Every week we meet customers with storage problems. They don’t require just a media unit or just a bookcase but they do need solutions that answer multiple requirements. So here are our top tips for getting it right.

Before you even start looking at what is available to buy declutter what you have already. Once that is done you are ready to go.

Take stock of what you want to store or display. Do you want it seen or hidden behind doors?

What size is your space? It might be a single long wall or a couple of alcoves. Measure up and take a few photos. These will be a great help when it comes to discussing possible options with a designer in store.

If you have lots of books, Dvd’s etc. measure the linear width so you know exactly how much shelving you will need and check the heights too so that you can set the shelves in the right positions.

For Hi-Fi and media equipment you’ll need to measure each item and think about where and how you want them to be positioned. If you have lots of wires then cable management will be an issue too.

For decorative objects, framed photos etc. consider sizes and whether you want to light them.

Before hitting the shops save yourself some time and do a little online research. Look at styles, materials and finishes. Also consider the service level you require and prices. Then you will know what shops can offer you the style that you like at the budget you have to spend.

At LOMI we offer all our customer a comprehensive design service, onsite surveys, delivery, installation and recycling of packaging waste. If you have a storage dilemma then check out our “storage systems” online for design inspiration and budgeting. If we can be any further help to you please do contact us at 01 8397001 or by email on

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February 17, 2016

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