Santos obtains PEFC certification

Santos achieves PEFC Certification

This certificate guarantees that the raw materials used to manufacture our kitchens come from sustainable forests not only from an environmental point of view but also from an economical and social standpoint.

PEFC certified timber-based products (wood, paper, resin etc.) are a guarantee that the consumer is buying products from sustainably managed forests and that the forest’s many functions are protected for this and future generations.  Selecting PEFC, the consumers can help fight illegal tree cutting and promote the forest’s principal functions and resources thus helping to maintain numerous ecosystems and biodiversity, the basic financial income of many rural villages, the origin of a very important transformation industry and also increasing its social and cultural influence.

Consequently, Santos reaffirms its sustainable development and reinforces its Management Policy.  This policy takes into account all the necessary manufacturing functions to ensure compliance with quality, environmental and employee health and safety regulations.

The recent PEFC certification is in additions to the certification Santos has already achieved.
EN ISO 9001, Quality Control Management Systems.
EN ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems.
OHSAS 18001, Health and Safety at Work Management Systems.

As a result, Santos has become the first Spanish kitchen manufacturer to have all four certificates.


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December 14, 2012

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