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Lighting is not just there to help you see in your home at night. It is also for tasks, aesthetics and ambiance. Every room will have different requirements. Determine what type of lighting your room may need by considering the mood you want to achieve. Do remember that a single light source is not going to achieve it all. Every space will require multiple light sources creating layers of light will help you achieve the variety of functions that it needs. Table lamps with shaded bulbs are great for creating a cozy feel, while recessed down lights are great for general light level. Floor lamps add poise, elegance and often task lighting while pendants and chandeliers offer general lighting and more often the wow factor through great design.

In a kitchen for example you will need direct task lighting in food preparation areas. LED lighting is ideal in this regard while ambient style lighting in the dining area can be achieve with low hung pendants or chandeliers over the dining table.

In a living room, choose floor lamps beside your sofa or favourite reading chair. These can work to give both task lighting and ambience to the room. Wall washer style lights and recessed lighting should also be on your list of possibilities to give general lighting.

Bedrooms are best kept simple. One nice feature pendant light for general lighting and bedside table lamps for task and cozy ambience. Dressing table or areas for makeup should include a good LED lighting source.

Double height spaces should always feature an amazing pendant light for that wow factor.

While corridors work best with practical recessed down lights or a row of simple but elegant pendant lights.

It is easy to make mistakes with lighting. Main ones include under lighting or over lighting the room, using bulbs that emit to too harsh a light and purchasing the wrong size light fittings.

A simple solution I would always recommend is getting main central pendant lights and recessed down lighters installed on a dimmer so that you can control the light level and ambience to suit you at any given moment.

If your space is crying out for a central feature chandelier tread carefully. Measure the space you have to work with and don’t forget about the height too. It is very hard to get a sense of scale when choosing pendants so my DIY tip here is to hang a couple of empty boxes in different sizes from the ceiling so that you can see how big you need your pendant to be. In my experience most people buy one that is too small for their space.

And finally don’t forget that just like the colour and décor of your rooms, lighting too should enhance your space to make it feel comfortable, warm and inviting!



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December 1, 2016

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