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The dining space is now a multifunctional part of the home and as such it must provide on a huge number of levels. For example, it must offer varying levels of light suitable for every occasion, the table needs to be well made, hard wearing and in some cases transformable. Storage needs to work for traditional items such as crockery and glass wear, but it also needs to manage various high-tech accessories. And finally, the dining space needs to work with other areas of the home such as a kitchen or living area. As a result, there is no one solution fits all model for the modern dining space. Even so here are my top tips when shopping for your dining area:

Think long term as well as short term. There is no point in investing in a table for 4 if your family may grow.

Measure up carefully. Consider the table size and the chairs around it. Be sure to allow circulation space around the table when all chairs are in use.

Select materials and colours that blend with your kitchen or other areas connected to the dining space. This is especially important if your space is limited. Once the table and chairs space are decided move onto considering the storage and lighting requirements.

Think outside the usual wooden box. Do consider many of the new high-tech materials now available especially for table tops. Many are very durable as well as stylish.

If you need storage do not limit your self to only considering a traditional style sideboard. Consider wall hung press units or wall shelves for a neater look which is ideal if space is tight.

Look for lighting that will enhance your space while also being practical. A pendant light over the table is a must while table or floor lamps away from table can give lovely ambient light when the table is not in use.

Do some online research or dip into a few interiors magazines to see what you like style wise but do not go shopping until you know all your required sizes.

Be realistic about your budget. With tables and chairs you really do get what you pay for. If you are buying for the long term do not go shopping for a cheap and cheerful solution. You will only be disappointed in the end.

Don’t impulse buy and don’t buy a fashion item that you will be tired of next year.

Do invest in the best quality you can afford. If you buy well it will stay with you forever and may even become an antique of the future.

If you need some help and advice for your dining space do get in touch. LOMI are always happy to help.

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November 20, 2019

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