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Given the last few months with the emergence of Covid19 and the huge changes we have all seen to our working day it is no surprise that there is a huge surge in interest in the home office design.

No matter what size of space you have available a practical design solution is what you need. If you spend the full working week there or even just a few hours, it’s important that your working space is both a comfortable and inviting place to spend time while getting your work done efficiently. Home offices come in many different shapes and sizes so here are our main points to consider:

Consider your desk size. Choose one that is wide enough for your computer and anything else critical to do your work.

Consider your storage needs. A Well organised storage system can really improve your productivity. In planning think about your workflow. Keep your current work within easy reach and less important reference books etc visible but further away so that your workspace is not crowded.

Choosing a good chair for your home office is essential. Chairs on castors with adjustable supports are a must. There are some very stylish options available.

Good lighting is critical for any home office space. Try to choose a location with some natural light and a view if possible. You may need to invest in some window blinds to help reduce screen glare.

Also consider your artificial lights Include a desk light if you have room to provide shadow-free task lighting and extra light in the evenings. Add some full spectrum daylight bulbs in your lights for an extra boost.

Go wireless on your technology if you can. It will make the space look less cluttered and cleaner. If you do have to have wires you can tidy them with some very simple cable management solutions.

At LOMI we consider all your needs and design a solution to suit your space and your budget. If you are planning a new home office or home working space do contact us to discuss your project.

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July 31, 2020

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