Choosing your new Kitchen

Buying a new kitchen is a long term investment. Once installed you will probably expect it to last you at least 10 years if not more. So the first thing you need to decide on is your budget. You can buy a kitchen at every price level and accordingly there will be differences in quality, style, choice and design possibilities. It is best to do some research by looking online or visiting a few kitchen showrooms to get a feel for the costs and don’t forget to have a separate budget for the appliances.

The style of your kitchen is the next item of importance. Whether you like traditional or contemporary the most important thing to remember when choosing a style is that this is for the long term and therefore an understated design in a neutral colour is always the best option. Avoid fashion colours and trendy accessories as they will only date quickly. Consider ease of use and ease of cleaning and maintenance as a priority too.

Appliances are a huge factor in your kitchen. Some customers spend as much as 50% of their entire budget on them. As with the kitchen units and worktops there is a vast choice in electrical goods to choose from. Again research as much as you can and try to have a list of selected appliances ready to go by the time you sit down with a kitchen designer to arrange your space.

The main trend in kitchens is a return to simple contemporary design. Over the last few years the hand painted traditional kitchen was all the rage. Everywhere you looked were framed doors painted in pale shades of grey. Now we are seeing the re-emergence of simple contemporary lines, Matt lacquer finishes in understated natural colours and lots of white and dark rich greys. All is being warmed by the return of wood in various tones, shades and grains. Woods however are not the main kitchen finish returning instead as feature wall panels, breakfast bars, wall shelves and decorative elements.

Also appearing are metallised finishes such as bronze, pewter and rust.  These add great texture as well as warmth and contrast to the sleek flat contemporary lines of the modern kitchen.

As many customers are now working with open style kitchen living rooms we’ve seen a definite leaning towards better integration of the spaces. By this I mean that the kitchen needs to look clutter free with everything neatly hidden away. So floor to ceiling storage which recedes into the background is very popular while matching the kitchen and living room storage solutions in terms of style and finishes is also high on the agenda. Large larder style tall storage units with pull out drawers and accessories are perfect as are work areas and islands with wide deep drawer units which give great easy access to everything you need on a daily basis. The cleverest and most ergonomically useful elements in any kitchen design are the drawers. With so many depths and interior fittings now available it is now very easy to have a kitchen with a place for everything and everything in its place.

LED lighting solutions both inside and under wall and floor units have become very popular. They offer both task and ambient lighting solutions to a kitchen. A good kitchen design is never without it.

The newest kitchen trend is a finish called “Fenix”. It is a super matt finish suitable for door fronts, wall panel and worktop applications. It is available in a number of colours and has a warm feel. Almost velvet like and rich. It is fingerprint free, easy clean and repairable by the use of a warm iron should it ever get damaged. Definitely one to watch out for in the kitchen showrooms.

A good kitchen design is never achieved in a quick meeting. We would always recommend that the customer prepare themselves in advance as suggested above. Do the research and decide on the budget. Have a room plan with sizes and note any major appliance such as a boiler or location of sink or gas connections if they are not movable. Then make an appointment with the kitchen designers you feel are best for you. We always have a first meeting of about two hours where we look at the space size, room layout, how the customer wishes to use the space, kitchen styles, preferences in colours, materials, appliances and the budget.

Once these items are discussed and everything has been selected then the designer can get to work on creating a kitchen design and pricing. This should take a few days, maybe a week depending on how busy the designers are.

When the design is ready then a second meeting is arranged to present the design for discussion. Then the customer has an opportunity to make changes to the kitchen design. Making small changes here and there are always part of the process. Before finally agreeing an order the new kitchen space will need to be accurately measured and checked against the new proposed design. Once the order is finally placed then the plumbing and electrical drawings will also need to be done and the appropriate contractors appointed.

Delivery time on a kitchen can take anything from 6 to 12 weeks. While Installation and fitting can take anything from 2 days to 2 weeks. It all depends on the size and complexity of the design as well as the production schedule of the makers and the works by other trades such as plumbers, decorators, tilers etc.

So the key point to note is that if you want the best possible kitchen in your home please remember that designing, manufacturing and installing a great kitchen takes time, effort and attention to all the details.



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January 3, 2017

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